HVL Solutions

By selecting to utilise HVL services, you as a company or individual, are supporting our commitment to provide a quality of service that delivers significant cost savings and outstanding carbon savings. We are also committed to providing a service that offers minimum disruption to supply and a significantly reduced requirement for excavation.


Asset Maintenance

Different type valves play a critical role in the function of a network. If a valve doesn’t function properly, the network’s capacity and efficiency are affected.
To maintain the serviceability of various types of valves, they should be operated and monitored regularly. HVL can be employed to manage the assets across an entire network, ensuring valve failures are reduced. This proactive approach provides a greater level of service to your customers.


Valve Repairs

HVL offer a high-quality service on valve repairs In-Situ and can also remove the valve away from site to our engineering workshop for a full overhaul. No matter the size of the valve, our aim is to repair your valves to the highest possible standards thereby minimising your downtime and costs.

With years of specialised experience, our team excels in the repair and maintenance of fire hydrants. Regular inspection and maintenance by a competent person are essential to ensure fire hydrants function correctly when needed. Our dedicated professionals are committed to providing top-notch services, ensuring safety and reliability for your community.

A valve operation system which allows our technicians to operate valves that are seized, difficult to operate, require seating or are suffering from differential pressure. These techniques allow for an almost risk-free method of dealing with unserviceable valves, as opposed to the high-risk methods of linear force generated by excessive torque.

To avoid long isolation periods this is done in situ. For example, if a valve is unserviceable (or is part of a maintenance programme) and requires refurbishment, our engineers can strip down a valve and carry out a refurbishment to the internal parts as required. The valve is then reinstated with new parts as necessary. HVL specialise in the overhaul, maintenance of valves offering a friendly personal service and customised to meet specific clients’ requirements.

Expert Planning: We provide guidance in selecting appropriate valves and developing an effective installation strategy tailored to your system requirements.

Skilled Implementation: Our certified engineers carry out the installations ensuring seamless functionality and minimal interference with your regular operations.


Actuation Solutions

We are responsible for both the provision and installation of actuator services, with expertise in repair and maintenance. Operating round-the-clock, our efficient repair services are available at your convenience, and we offer tailored service agreements to ensure your actuators stay in optimal condition at all times.
The majority of repairs can be carried out on-site to minimise downtime. Well-versed in major actuator brands, we can cater to the requirements of any model with precision.


Penstock Services

HVL offer Penstock services, including repairs and servicing as well as installations and commissioning.

If a Penstock requires refurbishments, our engineers can strip down the valve and carry out refurbishments to the parts as required. The Penstock is then reinstated with new parts as necessary.

To avoid long isolation periods, most of these repairs can be carried out in-situ, minimising downtime and disruption to the network and treatment plants. Our dedicated teams bring many years of knowledge and experience to ensure efficient and effective solutions.

Our experienced field service department has successfully installed penstocks domestically and internationally for numerous years. Our engineers conduct pre-installation surveys and develop safe operational methods, including method statements and lifting plans, to guarantee a seamless installation process. The skilled engineers in our field service department possess the following capabilities.


High Under Pressure Valve Repacking

Our under-pressure valve repack is a game-changer for situations where isolating the line is not possible due to its location and supply. It is also incredibly useful when the pressure is too high to carry out a traditional rope repack. This innovative solution allows for a seamless and efficient repacking process without the need to shut down the entire system. By utilising the under-pressure valve repack, you can save valuable time and resources while ensuring the safety and integrity of the line. Its reliability, safety features, and user-friendly design make it an invaluable tool for various Industries. Invest in this innovative solution and experience a more efficient and streamlined repacking process.


Non Destructive Testing (NDT) & Cold Cutting

NDT testing ensures the dependability and safety of materials and structures, while cold cutting techniques minimise the risk of fire or explosion. These activities contribute to the seamless operation and longevity of industries such as water and gas, as well as construction. As we continue to carry out NDT tests and cold cutting, we are constantly reminded of the crucial role these processes play in ensuring the safety and efficiency of our customers’ operations.


Power Grit Saw

Power Grit system offers powerful options with a petrol-powered unit. The saws offers the ability to cut the pipe from one side, which means only a smaller excavation is needed and the operator can hold the saw more safely throughout the whole cut.

Key features:

Can cut most pipe materials: ductile iron cast iron, PVC, Asbestos, PE (hydraulic saw only for asbestos)

Eliminates rotational kick-back

Unique diamond abrasive cutting design

Integral water dust suppression and cooling system

Reduced excavation

Various cutting methods due to innovative design


Pipe Wrapping

Pipe wrap protection plays a vital role in maintaining the longevity and efficiency of pipelines. By preventing corrosion, abrasion, and mechanical damage, it ensures the integrity of the pipe, reducing the risk of leaks, failures, and costly repairs. It is essential for industries and companies to prioritise the implementation of pipe wrap protection measures to safeguard their pipelines and ensure their long-term performance.

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