High Holburn – Shaftesbury Ave London

Thames Water faced a challenge at Shaftesbury Ave in London when attempting to isolate a critical 18″ line for maintenance. Unfortunately, the valve was found to be defective. The customer decided to replace the valve but encountered difficulties due to the presence of multiple services and a concrete slab covering the pipe work. Given the central location in London, installing a new valve on the same line seemed impossible. Seeking assistance, Thames Water and Partners reached out to HVL Solutions, and together they devised a solution.

With the support of our customer, HVL carefully removed the bonnet of the valve through a short duration line isolation to inspect the internal components. It was discovered that the threaded spindle and thrust nut were broken. HVL removed the damaged parts and blanked off the bonnet of the valve, allowing the line to be turned back on. The broken components were taken to the manufacturing workshop to be replaced with identical ones. Once the new parts were delivered to the site, HVL and Thames Water meticulously rebuilt the valve, replacing the bonnet bolts, nuts, and T-bolts with stainless steel for enhanced durability. The sealing and sitting rings were also lapped to ensure a perfect seal. Additionally, HVL performed a traditional rope repack to prevent future leaks.

In conclusion, the successful resolution of the valve issue at Shaftesbury Ave in London highlights the importance of collaboration and adaptability. Thames Water and Partners and HVL Solutions demonstrated their ability to work together and leverage their expertise to overcome complex challenges. This case serves as a testament to the resourcefulness and ingenuity of these organisations, underscoring the significance of collaboration in achieving positive outcomes in the utilities industry. Furthermore, the collaborative efforts resulted in reduced carbon emissions by avoiding unnecessary excavations and the purchase of a new valve.

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