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HVL specialists in Valve Repair and pipe maintenance. Utilising the HVL-VR System, developed by HVL Solutions, allows our skilled technicians to release seized valves, operate difficult valves and seat passing valves where other techniques would fail. This system is recognised by the UK Water Industry as a “Valve Friendly‟ technique. This is due to the way force is applied to operate the valve, where traditional methods would employ extreme force to overcome difficult or seized valves, often leading to catastrophic failure of the valve.

The HVL-VR System intelligently applies force in such a way so as to not to exceed the force required to take the valves components beyond their working capacity. This system does not require isolation of the valve and due to the modular nature of this system it is able to be utilised on valves located in valve boxes, confined spaces and in remote locations. This means that isolations, excavations and in-depth project planning is not required allowing for unplanned, rapid pace solutions to support network operations.

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TEL : 01332 703664