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Valve Refurbishment In situ

Over time Valves can deteriorate and decline in performance. HVL Solutions can provide a high level or low-level valve refurbishment to extend the life of valves in need of servicing. This avoids costly valve replacements and In most cases isolation is not needed to perform the valve refurbishment. Refurbishing valves or valve components will help the reliability of your valves and will extend their lifespan. By conducting planned refurbishment you cut your need for unplanned, reactive, emergency maintenance.

Based around your needs, valve refurbishments can be carried out on single troublesome or strategic valves, or taken as part of a larger, planned periodic valve maintenance schedule. Initial assessments on the network are conducted by our expert technical teams to ensure your requirements are met. Torque measurements, non-destructive testing and valve pressures are all taken into consideration prior to the planning of any valve service and maintenance programme.

To avoid long isolation periods this is done in situ. So for example, if a valve which is unserviceable or is part of a maintenance programme, requires refurbishment our technicians can strip down a valve (without isolation in most cases) and carry out refurbishment to the internal parts as required. The valve is then reinstated with new parts as necessary (e.g. packing rope, seals, packing gland bolts).



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TEL : 01332 703664