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VALVE Maintenance

HVL Solutions Specialists in Valve Maintenance Derby provide years of industry experience and expertise using state of the art innovated technology, working on all sizes and types of valves. We offer maintenance programmes for all valves and networks; clean potable water, raw water, sewage, petrochemical & gas. As our techniques involve completing the work under pressure, flow disruptive shut-downs are not required. Servicing your assets is an essential factor for the reliability of your valves and will extend their life by conducting planned, periodic, maintenance and will reduce the need for expensive, unplanned reactive maintenance.

A HVL Solutions Valve Maintenance Programme is based around your individual needs, ranging from large complex networks to more focused maintenance of strategically critical valves. Upon completion of site surveys, our technical team will be able to propose a full, periodic maintenance schedule for your approval.

We understand your networks; we can develop bespoke valve services and maintenance programmes tailored to your specific needs. Initial assessments on the network are conducted by our expert technical teams to ensure your requirements are met. Torque measurements, non-destructive testing and valve pressures are all taken into consideration prior to the planning of any valve service and maintenance programme.

Technical reports are shared with our survey findings, and recommendations for any remedial and maintenance work required will be made. Specialist teams are available to aid you to plan your bespoke valve maintenance programme.



Our engineers work through the night 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

TEL : 01332 703664