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HVL Solutions provides gearbox refurbishment services for all valves and networks, whether on clean potable water, raw water, sewage, or gas. Using us you can be certain of rapid consultancy, technical support, design, re-manufacture and installation allowing your network to function as it was designed to, with the smallest amount of disruption.

Due to the age of many valves, replacement parts for ancillaries such as gearboxes may no longer be available to purchase off the shelf. HVL Solutions has the capability to repair or re-manufacture these parts to avoid a costly valve replacement. These parts may also include, spindle extensions, brackets, ladders, draw-off tower cover plate assemblies and much more.

Refurbishing valve gearing or valve components will improve the reliability of your valves and extend their lifespan. The need for costly, unplanned, emergency maintenance will also be reduced. Based around your needs, gearbox refurbishments can be carried out on single valves, or taken as part of a larger, planned periodic valve maintenance schedule.

initial assessments on the gearbox are conducted by our expert technical teams. Torque measurements, non-destructive testing and valve pressures are all taken into consideration prior to the planning of any gearbox refurbishment. A technical report will then prepared, complete with the results of the survey and recommendations for any remedial work that may be required.

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Gearbox & Ancillary Parts

Gearbox & Ancillary Parts

Gearbox & Ancillary Parts

Gearbox & Ancillary Parts

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