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Gas & Petrochemical Valve Services

HVL Solutions offers maintenance programmes for all valves and networks including those used within the petrochemical, oil & gas industries. Our services are completed under pressure and require no disruptive shut-downs allowing your network to flow as it should. Servicing your assets is an essential factor to improve the reliability of your valves and will extend their lifespan. By conducting planned, periodic, maintenance you will reduce the need for unplanned, reactive maintenance which can prove costly and disruptive.

Gas-Oil, Valve Flushing and Greasing

Valve Lubrication & Sealing is a process of on-line valve lubricating and sealing solutions for jammed, passing or leaking valves in upstream and downstream oil and gas facilities. Any valve which has a lubrication/emergency sealing fitting can be serviced. A passing or seized valve can be effectively serviced on-line by the injection of formulated synthetic valve lubricants and sealants. The process is Flushing- Lubricating-Sealing of valves on-line. Our valve maintenance products are specially blended for the process to provide the following benefits:

  • Flushing:
    A unique combination of liquid penetrate and non- chlorinated solvent, developed for valve cleaning to remove rusts, stubborn hydrocarbon deposits and old residues from the seal and spring areas of a valve without causing damages to elastomers or seals.

  • Lubricating:
    Lubricates valves by providing a superior corrosion- inhibiting lubricant film that gives unsurpassed protection in extreme conditions, prevents metal-to-metal contact in moving parts and corrosion protection.

  • Sealing:
    Seals leaks, provides extremely low friction coefficient, contains rust and corrosion inhibitors. This procedure is recommended for use on damaged valves. Formulated using synthetic resins, graphite and liquillon.

Gear Box and Ancillary Parts – Refurbishment/Replacement In Situ

Due to the age of many valves, if certain ancillary parts including the gearbox fails, then a complete valve replacement is required as replacement parts may not be available. HVL Solutions has the capability to repair or re- manufacture these parts to avoid costly valve replacement. These parts may also include, spindle extensions, brackets, ladders, draw off tower cover plate assemblies, etc. . .

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TEL : 01332 703664