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HVL Services

Valve Release / Cycle / Isolations

Our valve operation system allows our technicians

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Valve Refurbishment In-Situ

To avoid long isolation periods this is done in situ

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Gear Box and Ancillary Parts

Due to the age of many valves, if certain ancillary parts

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Pipe Line Repair and Maintenance

Our teams have at their disposal a rapidly increasing

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Valve Surveys

Using under pressure drilling techniques our technicians

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Under-pressure Valve repacking

Sometimes due to the pressure in the line our client cannot

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HVL Solutions

Our Main Goal and Mission

Knowing the Network

Valves play a critical role in the function of a network. If a valve doesn’t function properly then the network's capacity and efficiency is affected. Faults which might cause this include; partially open/closed valves

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Carbon Saving

Due to our unique methods, when a company employs the services of the HVL Solutions they are making a statement that, as well as using more cost effective techniques, they are also using more environmentally friendly methods.

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Cost Reduction

HVL Solutions & Engineering have a wealth of knowledge and experience in utilising and developing innovative techniques to provide cost effective solutions to valve and pipeline related problems in the water, gas, industry.

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